Baby Signs
Baby Signs
Joy Allen
ISBN 9780803731936
Dial/Penguin, 2008.
4 ½ stars
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Baby Signs
by Joy Allen

Babies want to communicate long before they can form words to express their desires. This board book, with Joy Allen's charming pastel illustrations of a baby that could be a boy or a girl, offers babies 13 different messages to convey.

Simple step-by-step pictures--never more than three--show Baby (and you) how to make the signs. "Milk," for example, shows Baby in a crib holding a teddy bear with a bottle cast aside. "Open and close hand, as if squeezing" accompanies three inset illustrations of the baby's open hand, the squeeze, and a repeat image of the open hand. "Water" is just one gesture: three fingers (which form a "W") on the chin.

Repeating these signs and then giving them "milk," or indicating the sign for "diaper" (a two-step sign) and then changing the diaper, becomes familiar to the baby as the activity is repeated over and over throughout the day and week. Soon your baby will be telling you just what's needed.
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