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Taro Gomi
ISBN 9781452108353
Chronicle Books, 2013.
5 stars
Keywords: animals board-books imagination interactive-play peekaboo taro-gomi

by Taro Gomi

Taro Gomi features a cast of charming creatures--both real and imagined--with each page turn of this cleverly designed board book. As children play peekaboo, they also learn a stated fact ("I like to play in the snow. I am a penguin"), as the artist accentuates the most prominent feature of the character, such as a cat's whiskers, a mouse's large ears, and a frog's bulging eyes. Even the monster is friendly ("I like to tickle. I am a monster"). No matter what page you turn to, two holes allow babies and toddlers to peek through and become the eyes of the bear, cat and robot. It ends by naming the game they've been playing: "I like to play peekaboo. I am your friend." This will stand alongside Nina Laden's Peek-a-Who as another family favorite.

In Mommy! Mommy!, also by Taro Gomi, two chicks search for their mother ("Mommy! Mommy!"), who always returns ("Here I am!")--even after a couple cases of mistaken identity.
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