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Debbie Powell
ISBN 9780763659349
Candlewick, 2012.
4 stars
Keywords: construction debbie-powell sight-cues textures transportation trucks vehicles

by Debbie Powell

Big bold shapes, bright red, gold and blue colors, textures to touch and sounds that children will love to say make Trucks a great choice for toddlers.

“Brrm Brrm goes the digger.” The sounds of the truck appear at an angle in bright red type that matches the vehicle. The word “digger” appears larger than the others. This adds visual interest, and also gives a helpful visual cue to toddlers who are starting to recognize certain letters and sound them out.

“Puff Puff goes the steamroller./ Crash Bang goes the dumper.” The text follows the same pattern, the sound first (“Puff Puff”) then the phrase “goes the” in smaller type, followed by the name of the truck in the largest type of all. The repetition builds confidence in young toddlers who begin to memorize the text and start to feel like readers. And they are “reading”! They’re picking up on visual cues and patterns that will serve them well as they build their repertoire of letters and sight words.
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