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Karma Wilson, illus. by John Segal
ISBN 9781442434332
Little Simon/Simon & Schuster, 2012.
4 stars
Keywords: animals bedtime-books karma-wilson rhyme sleepyhead teddy-bears

by Karma Wilson, illus. by John Segal

A kitten tells her teddy, Sleepyhead, “It’s time for bed,” in a soothing rhyming board book that’s just right for toddlers.

We get the sense that the feline has tried out a few of Sleepyhead’s lines herself. That might explain how she anticipates each request: “Now close your eyes, my Sleepyhead. We’ve kissed our kiss, your quilt is spread. Go to sleep. It’s time for bed.” But of course it does not work: “One more kiss,” says Sleepyhead. John Segal’s watercolors in sunset colors set a tranquil mood as the kitten attempts to lure Sleepyhead to slumber. Sleepyhead pulls the “one more book” plea (my favorite), asks for a drink of water, and his outspread arms take up an entire two-page illustration when he requests “one more hug.” Soon toddlers will be chiming in on the repetitive rhymes, and their eagle eyes will see that Sleepyhead’s quilt contains all of the animals and objects that appear in the story.

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