My Rainbow Fish Book Box
Rainbow Fish Book Box
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Marcus Pfister
ISBN 9780735840232
NorthSouth, 2012.
4 stars
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My Rainbow Fish Book Box
by Marcus Pfister

Three small board books come in a neat lunchbox-style package with Rainbow Fish’s trademark silver scales on the outside and a sturdy blue cord so toddlers can carry the books around with them. The price point (under $15) makes it a great gift, too.

You may already know The Rainbow Fish, starring a hero who was “too beautiful to play with ordinary fish.” His silver scales set him apart in more ways than one—until a persistent little fish, requesting just one silver scale from the Rainbow Fish, changes the tide. Rainbow Fish’s gift earns him friendship and a sense of belonging.

As he and his friends play flash-tag (which requires a silver “flashing scale”) in the second book, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!, a striped fish wants to join in—but has no silver scale. Rainbow Fish feels badly about leaving out the newcomer, but does not want to go against his friends. However, when a shark threatens, Rainbow Fish does the right thing.

In the third book, Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea, the hero loses his last silver scale when it sinks down into the depths of the ocean. It leads him on a journey into the unknown and introduces him to creatures who “looked different but… turned out to be wonderful friends” who help him on his mission. Each book builds on what Rainbow Fish learned in the first book, life lessons that toddlers can soak up alongside the underwater hero.

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