Huff & Puff
Huff & Puff
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Claudia Rueda
ISBN 9781419701702
Appleseed/Abrams, 2012.
5 stars
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Huff & Puff
by Claudia Rueda

Youngest fans of the Three Little Pigs will feel both smart and indispensable in this interactive paper-over-board twist on the classic.

Why does the porcine trio peer out of a die-cut hole in the cover? So your child can do the huffing and puffing and play the part of the Big Bad Wolf. When we first meet the pigs, they are reading (etiquette and recipe books). Next we see the pink heroes hauling their requisite straw, wood and bricks.

Claudia Rueda (No; My Little Polar Bear) distills the action to its bare essence. Each builds his house, then smiles through the window. But then comes the line, "One wolf huffing and puffing," on the left, while on the right, "Huff & Puff" appears in bold black stenciled letters, with a hole cut out of the middle of the page. Turn the page, and the straw (or wood) scatters willy-nilly with the pig exposed (except for an apron), bowl of eggs and whisk in hand (the first and second pigs are "not happy"). But of course, "Third pig is happy," because "wolf" can't blow down his house. Perceptive toddlers will notice that (A) the pigs do not look afraid and (B) they seem to be up to something with their eggs and bowls. Let's just say the three pigs knew we were coming, so they baked.... Your child will want to follow the pigs on the endpapers right back to the beginning. Sure to be a family favorite.

This review originally appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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