Hamsters Holding Hands
Hamsters Holding Hands
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Kass Reich
ISBN 9781459801233
Orca, 2012.
4 ½ stars
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Hamsters Holding Hands
by Kass Reich

Why another counting book? All you have to do is look at the adorable hamster heroes in this original board book, the first by Canadian artist Kass Reich.

One is a lonely number for hamsters—and for toddlers. “One hamster wants to play.” You can see his wish for a playmate in this lone hamster’s eyes on the first page. But when he rigs up a tin-can telephone line with an orange-hued friend, “Two hamsters shout hooray.” Their outstretched front paws and wide grins exude joy at their newfound friendship. Later, five hamsters “play nice”: one pair of hamsters shares toys while two others swing a jump rope for a third. Each page shows the numeral that corresponds with the number of hamsters and also highlights the number’s printed name. The first and final pages depict all the toys and accessories that appear with the hamsters throughout the pages.

The rhyming text counts up to “Nine hamsters way up high” (seven sit atop a high plank, one dangles from it by a paw, and another floats with a helium balloon), and ends with “Ten hamsters wave goodbye.” Some hamsters look happy, a few look sad as they bid farewell, but toddlers can simply start over at the beginning. Pure delight.
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