Boat Works
Boat Works
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Tom Slaughter
ISBN 9781609052157
Blue Apple , 2012.
4 stars
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Boat Works
by Tom Slaughter

This interactive board book with sturdy foldout pages makes the ideal companion for boat-spotting with your toddler on Oceanside vacations.

From the sailboat on its cover to an ocean liner that commands the harbor, Tom Slaughter’s bold, saturated colors and geometric shapes introduce the water vessels that transport a busy urban population.

“What am I?” asks the text in the picture on the left, with a hint of a ripple in the blue background and the stern of a red hull. “I have two oars,” says the right-hand page, with two yellow criss-crossed oars. As the right-hand side unfolds vertically, a knot of rope appears (“I have a rope that ties me to the dock”), and a bit of a dock shows through beneath it. The full fold-out spread says, “I am a rowboat,” and pictures Nelly with her full red hull, the yellow oars neatly laid atop her seats, and a pelican, fish in mouth, standing above the post where a rope secures the boat to the dock. Each riddle begins the same way, with “What am I?,” two clues and the solution. The ferry will especially delight young readers. As they lift the page with the clue “I transport cars,” they see the hull with the cars tucked neatly inside; “I transport people” opens to reveal the passengers on the ferry’s deck. Slaughter also includes classic boat accoutrements, such as an anchor, porthole and buoy.

The finale brings together the floating cast of characters in a spectacular view of the harbor. All aboard!

This review originally appeared in Shelf Awareness for Readers.
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