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Nina Laden
ISBN 9780811826020
Chronicle Books, 2000.
5 stars
Keywords: conceps interactive-games nina-laden peek-a-boo

by Nina Laden

Let’s face it: There is no game more popular with babies than Peek-a-Boo. This board book brilliantly expands on the game.

Each page introduces a new riddle: The words “Peek a” appear on the left, and a visual clue appears on the right. The answers all rhyme with the title. Through a peanut-shaped opening, babies see only a portion of the image waiting on the next page. A black-and-white background appears with “Peek a” for the first mystery. With a turn of the page, babies see a black-and-white cow, and on the left-hand page, the opening keeps the “Peek a” in sight but they now also see the word “MOO!” Eight pairs of eyes appear before a turn of the page reveals a ghost (“BOO!”), and a glimpse of a railroad track offers a clue to the train waiting on the page for “CHOO-CHOO!” The finale is babies’ favorite: a mirror (“YOU!”), and of course at any time the opening can be used to look through at baby for the classic game of Peek-a-Boo. Little ones will quickly feel like pros with all the answers, and grab for this one again and again.
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