Orange Pear Apple Bear
Orange Pear Apple Bear
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Emily Gravett
ISBN 9781442420038
Little Simon, 2006.
5 stars
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Orange Pear Apple Bear
by Emily Gravett

With just five words, this eye-opening board book teaches your toddler about colors and shapes, a few fruits and also delivers a joke!

First, toddlers see an orange, the fruit—which is also orange in color, naturally. Next, they see a green pear, much like a regular pear you’d find in a supermarket. The apple on the following page looks like it could be a Granny Smith, mostly green with a rosy blush. And on the fourth page is, you guessed it, the “Bear,” a brown bear, upright, arms outstretched, looking quite pleased at the sight of the apple. Then the author-artist plays with all of the different combinations: “Apple, pear,” with the two fruits stacked precariously on the left, and on the right, “Orange bear” (the brown bear is now orange-tinted) looks contemplatively at the two fruits. There’s an orange-colored pear and an apple-shaped (and apple-colored) bear, and later a pear-shaped bear holding an apple and an orange—and licking its lips.

The wonderful twist ending will make your toddler go back to the beginning and see the entire progression in a very different light. This book begins with a simple concept but it introduces toddlers to some complex ideas, and they will get more out of it with each reading. Delicious!

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