Halloween Has Boo!
Halloween Has Boo!
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Harriet Ziefert , illus. by Rebecca Doughty
ISBN 9781929766673
Blue Apple Books, 2002.
4 stars
Keywords: goosebumpy halloween halloween-has harriet-ziefert silly spooky

Halloween Has Boo!
by Harriet Ziefert , illus. by Rebecca Doughty

A spooky-silly Halloween treat for toddlers, this board book dressed up in holographic foil fits in their hands and has more surprise than spook. Each spread features one couplet per page and playfully lurching line drawings that perfectly straddle the gray area between goofy and goosebumpy. A cast of the usual scary suspects often experiences an unexpected turn of events. “Spiders have spin./ Pumpkins have grin,” shows an arachnid spinning her web and a largely toothless jack-o’-lantern, fixtures your youngster well knows. However, the spread with “Brooms have witches/ and witches have glitches” shows a broom ride run amuck, sure to elicit laughter as the pointy-hatted nemesis becomes the butt of the joke. After a couple of readings, your toddler will love nothing more than bringing this book to you, climbing onto your lap, and anticipating a squeal of delight when you get to the final “Boo!” time after time.
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