Baby Brains: Storybook Animations
Baby Brains: Storybook Animations
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Simon James
ISBN 9780763640248
Candlewick, 2008.
4 stars
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Baby Brains: Storybook Animations
by Simon James

If you are planning a lengthy car trip, and you will be traveling with children under six, this highly portable series will be your new best friend.


This line of dandy transparent recloseable pouches first launched last fall, but not enough parents know about them. Each package comes with a paper-over-board book, a double-sided CD/DVD with both an audio and animated version of the story, and a sturdy full-color foldout poster with two scenes from the book for use with a page of reusable stickers (well, depending on how small and dexterous those hands are—some stickers may not make it through the re-use).


Baby Brains (first published in 2004) will quickly become a family favorite. As Mr. and Mrs. Brains anxiously await their first baby, they read aloud to their unborn child every night (you know I love that!), play music and foreign languages by day, and “they even turned up the television when the news came on.” After they give birth to a baby boy, they can’t wait to bring him home and lay him in his own crib. But the very next morning, Mrs. Brains awakens to find Baby Brains reading the paper on the couch, and that afternoon, the infant helps Mr. Brains fix the car (“We certainly have a bright one here!”). Soon Baby Brains makes headlines for his medical work at the local hospital, and he gets a call from space scientists to go into space! Every parent can identify with Mr. and Mrs. Brains’ conviction that their child is the brightest on the planet. And what’s so terrific about the twist ending, is that it reaffirms the importance of just being a kid.


Children over six may prefer to engage in other activities (or sit in the front seat), but youngest children will be thoroughly entertained in the back of the car with these wisely designed packages.

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