Will Sheila Share?
Will Sheila Share?
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Elivia Savadier
ISBN 9781596432895 (HC only)
Neal Porter/Roaring Brook, 2008.
5 stars
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Will Sheila Share?
by Elivia Savadier

How many of us have tried to coax a three-year-old to share ANYTHING? With minimalist illustrations that zoom in on possessive Sheila’s facial expressions, this book allows your child to recognize the pitfalls of selfishness on his or her own. “Will Sheila share?/ Sheila will NOT share. Not her bunny. Or her ball.” The pictures show Sheila clinging madly to her bunny and hoarding her ball. Not until Nana shares a hug and kiss with Sheila, and encourages her granddaughter to experience the benefits of giving to others does Sheila begin to see how kindness can be contagious.
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