I Stink!
I Stink!
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Kate McMullan, illus. by Jim McMullan
ISBN 9780060745929
Joanna Cotler/ HarperCollins, 2002.
5 stars
Keywords: alphabet i kate-mcmullan new-york-city trucks

I Stink!
by Kate McMullan, illus. by Jim McMullan

Part guessing game, part ABC, this action-packed board book will capture the attention of any truck-loving toddler. A rambunctious, seemingly bottomless New York City garbage truck narrates with attitude: “Who am I? I’ve got lights. Ten wide tires…. Know what I do at night while you’re asleep? Eat your trash, that’s what.” At one point, the illustrations place youngsters right inside the heart of the truck, so they get to look outside at the city, as garbage bags sail through the air and land inside the garbage truck’s “hopper.” As the trash gets compacted inside his belly (“Burrrp!”), the truck reels off the alphabetical list of items he has devoured, including “apple cores” and “dirty diapers,” “fish heads” and “kitty litter,” all the way through to “zipped-up ziti with zucchini.” As they revel in their affection for trucks, your youngsters will also gain affection for this 10-wheeler and all it does to keep our neighborhoods clean.

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