Freight Train
Freight Train
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Donald Crews
ISBN 9780688149000
HarperCollins, 1978.
Caldecott Honor Book
5 stars
Keywords: colors concept-book donald-crews freight-train trains

Freight Train
by Donald Crews

Young train fans will want to follow these pages down the track, from the “red caboose at the back” to the “orange tank car next,” all the way up to the “black steam engine” that pulls the train from station to station. Boys and girls with a passion for locomotive lingo will learn and long to repeat railyard vocabulary words such as “gondola” and “tender car.” Because of the bold shapes and colors and a text of just 55 words, youngsters will feel they’ve mastered the story, and be open to more complex concepts here—light and darkness as the train moves through tunnels, and the idea of traveling over a “trestle” as the train gains speed. Then, suddenly, “Going, going, gone…,” the train disappears from view, just the way trains do in a child’s real-life experience. 

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