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Lotta Nieminen, illus. by Lotta Nieminen
ISBN 9780714872834
Phaidon, 2016.
5 stars
Keywords: 0-3 ages lotta-nieminen

by Lotta Nieminen, illus. by Lotta Nieminen

One of the best prerequisites for young children is that they are able to engage with the book. Touch-and-feel books are great, but what about a book that requires you to mix, stir, and pour? Lotta Nieminen’s little board book takes cooking (and reading) to a whole new level. Children are always asking to help cook in the kitchen, and this is a fun way to mimic cooking without the mess!

Nieminen lists steps for little ones to follow with accompanying actions.

“STEP 1: Mix together the dry ingredients in one bowl” is followed by pulling a tab to see the flour pour into the bowl. In order to complete “STEP 2: Whisk together the wet ingredients in the other bowl” your little reader must turn a wheel that shows the eggs being whisked together.

Whether this precedes making pancakes you can actually eat, or is an introduction to cooking, Pancakes! is a hit for the entire family.

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