Du Iz Tak
Du Iz Tak
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Carson Ellis, illus. by Carson Ellis
ISBN 9780763665302
Candlewick Press, 2016.
5 stars
Keywords: 0-3 ages carson-ellis du-iz-tak

Du Iz Tak
by Carson Ellis, illus. by Carson Ellis

I am always enamored by Carson Ellis’ illustrations, and this time, the story took me away as well. This is one of those books that children understand and listen in rapt attention, whereas adults have asked, “is that another language?” It is the language of the little bugs found within the pages. It is the language that children and the funny little bug-creatures speak. As the story unfolds, the little bugs begin to build a fort. The fort survives a spider and bird attack, and then, miraculously, from the green shoot the fort is built in, a flower begins to bloom. And then, the little bugs begin to ask, “Du Iz Tak?” Or, “what is that?” When the bugs say goodnight--”Ta ta, oodas!” a cricket comes out to play a violin in a scene that is so poignant for a children’s book. The flower has wilted, the fort has crumbled, but in the light of the moon, a beautiful moth dances to the cricket’s violin. And after the snow, the grass begins to grow again, and a little bug asks, “Du iz tak?”
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