Love Is
Love Is
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Diane Adams, illus. by Claire Keane
ISBN 9781452139975
Chronicle Books, 2017.
5 stars
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Love Is
by Diane Adams, illus. by Claire Keane

How do you explain the concept of love to a child? There are many ways to say what love is, and Diane Adams’ rhyming picture book Love Is explains love to children in a way that they can understand. Claire Keane’s illustrations are bright and full of childhood whimsy, evoking a nostalgic feel. In Love Is, a little girl learns what love is by caring for a duckling that has escaped from a park.

“Love is holding something fragile,

tiny wings and downy head.

Love is noisy midnight feedings,

Shoe box right beside the bed.”

Eventually, the duck grows larger and must leave the shoebox beside the little girl’s bed and return to the pond. And the little girl learns that sometimes, that’s what love is too.

This is the perfect little story for Valentine’s day around the corner, but will work year-round as well.

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